Упаковка натуральных пищевых наполнителей - компания "НаDO"

Aseptic packaging fillers

By keeping all valuable

The basis of the production of filler - the impeccable quality, naturalness and the use of the final product. Production processes of "NaDO", which was the first in Russia to master and actively applies the release of filling in aseptic packaging, fully complies.

Integrated filling system

Special complex systems fillers bottling lines allow you to connect to the production of packaging machinery of all sizes, from small aseptic and non-aseptic packaging such as Bag in Box to the aseptic bulk containers.

Variety of packaging tar:

  • no aseptic package in corrugated box (12.5 kg / 25 kg);
  • aseptic package goforokorobe bag in box (12,5 kg / 25 kg);
  • aseptic package-wound cardboard drum (200 kg);
  • aseptic stainless steel containers (250 kg, 500 kg, 1000 kg).

Natural fillers "NaDO" company
a quality and safe product, and conforming to ISO international standards HASSP

Production Lab - the company "NaDO"


Development and testing of original recipes according to customer requirements.

Modern equipment - the company "NaDO"

of fillers

Automated production lines melting and bottling natural fillings and toppings.

Individual trebovoniya - the company "NaDO"


Sterile packaging of finished products (PET, Bag in Box, metal containers) of different sizes.