Разработка и тестирование натуральных пищевых наполнителей - компания "НаDO"

Experimental laboratory

Individual formulations of fillers

The original recipe developed in the experimental laboratory, taking into account the individual requirements of the customer that allows you to create a unique product.

The search for new solutions

Development, creation and implementation of high-quality, natural fillings and toppings is a priority for us "NaDO".

Much attention is paid to the development of new kinds of natural fillers, which have no analogues in the Russian Federation and abroad.

Technical Customer Support

The company's specialists provide expert technical support at all stages of production:

  • during the development of the laboratory sample (joint development);
  • when testing the test batch;
  • further work on the implementation of established filler in the manufacture of customer.

Natural fillers Company "NaDO"
is an original and unique product
created especially for you!

Production Lab - the company "NaDO"


Development and testing of original recipes according to customer requirements.

Modern equipment - the company "NaDO"

of fillers

Automated production lines melting and bottling natural fillings and toppings.

Individual trebovoniya - the company "NaDO"


Sterile packaging of finished products (PET, Bag in Box, metal containers) of different sizes.