Apple "NaDO"

Natural fillings and toppings

About "NaDO" company

More than ten years, the Russian company "NaDO" produces and sells natural additives, fillers, filling food. Patented name was formed by the reduction of two words - "Natural Supplements". It is this concept expresses the basic essence and purpose of the company. Since 2004, when the brand announced himself on the Russian market, the mission "NaDO" was:

Absolute quality

Creation and delivery to the food industry of high-quality products from natural raw materials - fruits, berries, vegetables, cereals, herbs ...

Natural product

Support for the concept of a healthy lifestyle, healthy and safe supply of Russians - to save the nation's health.

Cooperation and exchange of experience

Experts "NaDO" constant exchange of experience with the best Russian and foreign technologies, research institutes, participate in exhibitions, seminars and other events, efficiently and successfully implementing the results of research and technological development in their own production.

Aseptic packaging fillers

One of the first Russian company "NaDO" has mastered the production of aseptic product. The technology eliminates the penetration of microorganisms from the surrounding medium.

Specially developed technologies and modern equipment of production lines allow you to save all the useful properties of natural raw materials.

Experimental laboratory

Own experimental laboratory was organized for the improvement of industrial activity. Her appearance has been one of the most important milestones in the company's development. On account of the laboratory - a variety of unique, patented formulations of fillers, of which there are more than 500 items.

Certification and safety

In the production of fillers company it uses only natural raw materials from the best manufacturers around the world. All fillers are quality control laboratories and production companies have a declaration of conformity. Also, the company has implemented an integrated system of FSSC 22000, which includes the principles of HACCP and ISO.

Сертификация по HACCP
Сертификация по HACCP
Сертификация по HACCP
Сертификация по HACCP

Clients and partners

Fillers brand "NaDO" successfully complement and reinforce the valuable properties of the product produced by enterprises of food industry including baby food.

Impeccable reputation of the company confirms the long-term cooperation with leading Russian and foreign-made baby food, dairy, confectionery and ice cream.

Company "NaDO" in full meet the massive demand of the food industry, offers the production of fillers and toppings for individual customer requirements.