Production of natural food fillers - Company "NaDO"

Production of fillers

Manufacturability and automation

Continuous modernization of production facilities, technology and automation of production processes - enable the company to "NaDO" to produce natural food fillings and toppings consistently high quality!

Production processes

On realized production of advanced manufacturing technology fillers, conforming to ISO and HACCP standards.

Cooking fillers is carried out:

  • with continuous multi-stage quality control;
  • under vacuum, thus eliminating microbial ingress from the surrounding environment;
  • full automation of processes in accordance with desired programmami - from loading the ingredients to the finished aseptic packaging fillers.

Products brand "NaDO":

  • it is focused on the actual demand for environmentally friendly fillers;
  • adheres to the concept of "healthy lifestyle".

Natural fillers "NaDO" company
a quality and safe product, and conforming to ISO international standards HASSP

Производственная лаборатория - компания "НаDO"


Development and testing of original recipes according to customer requirements.

Современное оборудование - компания "НаDO"

of fillers

Automated production lines melting and pouring of natural fillings and toppings.

Individual trebovoniya - the company "NaDO"


Sterile packaging of finished products (PET, Bag in Box, metal containers) of different sizes.